ISO 17025 Calibration Services

Calibration & Measurement Capabilities

Combine together cutting edge reference standards, distinct environmentally controlled laboratories, and a team of highly skilled calibration technicians and you've got a complete metrology service solution. Then add A2LA/ISO 17025 accreditations, an extensive scope of capabilities, instrument repairs, as well as, on-site calibration services to leading industry standards and you’ve got something special!

It’s about Primo Instrument’s reliability, overall passion for the world of measurement, personalized service, and focus on your needs to ensure your performance and overall satisfaction that makes us truly a global solution when it comes to your instrumentation needs.

To get a complete overview of what makes Primo Instrument unique, consider the following. Our laboratories are divided into three categories, each comprising of a range of diverse capabilities. The categories are defined as follows:
  • Electrical calibration laboratory
  • Dimensional calibration laboratory
  • Process control and physical properties laboratory
  • Repairs

Each laboratory has numerous accredited calibration capabilities; as detailed in our scope of accreditation. This extensive scope is issued and audited by the measurements experts from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Laboratories accredited under this program may list their best measurement capabilities - the smallest uncertainties of measurement for which the laboratory is accredited. The total uncertainty of each accredited capability has a confidence level of at least 95% and includes the measurement uncertainty of a higher level accredited calibration laboratory or a national metrology institute, either of which are acceptable sources of calibration for an applicant laboratory's reference standards. This best measurement capability also includes uncertainties associated with the measurements made by the applicant laboratory.


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Instrument Meter Calibration
Gauge Block Calibration and Hardness Testing
Temperature & Thermodynamic Adjustment
Pressure, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Metrology
Weights & Scale Measurements
Gas Analysis
Measuring Electronic Instruments
High Voltage Speciality
Temperature & Humidity
Lux Meters and UV Lights