Terms and Conditions

Primo, Inc. is referred within this document as “Primo Laboratory”. Any customer purchasing or requesting goods or services from Primo Laboratory is referred in this as the “Customer”. In addition, any product sent to Primo for calibration will be referred to as the “instrument”. The Customer’s consent to the following terms and conditions signifies that the Customer acknowledges and approves of the goods or services provided by Primo. Nevertheless, Primo reserves all rights, to refuse any request submitted by the Customer.

1. Record Keeping – Customer records will be stored within Primo’s servers for a period of seven (7) years. Calibration Certificates are kept in electronic format for a period of ten (10) years.

2. Pricing - Primo agrees to respect the quoted price for calibration for a period of 30 days.

3. Calibration Intervals - Primo allows Customers to choose the calibration interval that best reflects his/her requirements. Primo stores Customer’s calibration data history for a period of ten (10) years, this data can be used by the Customer in the decision making process. However, Primo does not hold responsibility in regards to the calibration intervals determined by the Customer.

4. Terms of Payment - Invoices are due and payable in full upon termination upon receipt of invoice, according to terms that have been agreed to in writing by Primo. Primo maintains the right to hold in its possession the unit(s) until payment has been complete.

5. Sales and Similar Taxes - Prices posted and invoiced by Primo do not include sales, use, excise, or similar taxes, unless otherwise stated. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay all present or future sale, use, excise or other applicable taxes to the sale of the instruments, including the total invoice amount.

6. Transportation and Risk of Loss - Unless otherwise stated by Primo, the delivery of instruments shall be as follows:
For Canadian and International Shipments – Primo holds the right to refuse any incoming shipment sent collect, therefore all instruments shall be delivered to Primo’s facility prepaid and charged. All outbound shipments (returned to the Customer) shall be sent at the Customer’s expense (collect). The ownership to the instrument(s), and risk of loss or damage pass to the Customer at the point of transit.

7. Warranty – At any time following calibration may a calibrated product drift out-of-tolerance, this out-of-tolerance may be caused by a variety of factors. No warranty can therefore be applied to calibration services and/or calibration data. Expendable items such as fuses, and batteries are not warranted.

8. Discrepancies in Shipment and Damage to Merchandise – Before any instrument leaves Primo’s facility, it is carefully wrapped up and thoroughly examined before shipping. Any problem must be reported within fifteen (15) days from receipt of shipment.

Primo takes no responsibility for the safe delivery of instruments, therefore all responsibly during the transit of the shipment is transferred to the transport carrier. Any form of loss or damage caused during transport must be handled with the transport carrier within fifteen (15) days of the delivery date.

In the result of loss, damage or any other problem related to transport, the Customer must file the claim with the carrier. This claim must be made is writing within fifteen (15) days following the delivery date. Primo does not hold itself responsible for damages caused by rough handling during transit, even if the external package or casing of the instrument does not show any apparent markings of damage. In the case visible damages are noticed on the packaging or housing of the instrument, the external evidence must be recorded on the freight bill upon receipt of the package and have the document signed by the carrier’s agent upon reception. It is recommended to take photographs for visual proof of damages. Failure to effectively record and explain damage, loss, or other may grant the carrier the right to refuse to honour any form of claim. The transport carrier will provide a form to continue in the claim filing process.

9. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions – Accepting the terms and conditions within this contract signifies that the Customer (Buyer) understands, acknowledge the terms of sale. Primo does not accept any condition stated by the Customer which contradicts, the terms and conditions contained. Acceptance of using Primo’s service implies that the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions.

10. Miscellaneous – The terms and conditions in this document are to be interpreted under the laws of the Province of Quebec. All parties involved agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec.

11. Safety - Primo holds the right to refuse any work to be performed which, in Primo’s perspective, would be dangerous for the safety of its workers. Primo does not hold responsibility for additional costs the Customer shall incur in the situation a job is refused.

12. Delayed Performance – Primo shall provide the services it offers to the best of its capabilities. However, Primo Laboratory does not hold itself accountable for situations beyond its control. In the case a problematic situation might occur, Primo shall be excused and in the best of its ability shall try to resolve the situation in a respectable and reasonable time limit.


Primo will provide traceable certificates of calibration. Both As-found and As-left data will be recorded and stated on a separate data sheet. Any calibration will be done in accordance to Primo’s Quality Management System. A copy of the Primo Quality Management System is made available on the website for you to review. The services included are as follows:

  • The calibration work is executed by trained technicians.
  • Primo Laboratory will place on each calibrated instrument a calibration sticker. This sticker indicates the calibration date, due date, reference number and/or serial number.
  • Calibration standards are traceable to NIST, NRC Canada, or to other recognized national or international bodies or physical constants.
  • Primo will apply tamper-resistant seals wherever deemed appropriate.
  • Calibration data is entered into the Primo database. Measures used, test points, and error tolerances will be noted on the certificate of calibration.
  • Laboratory will supply a certificate of calibration for each calibrated instrument. The information displayed on each certificate includes:
    • Device identification including manufacturer, model, serial #, and customer ID
    • The procedure number that was used to perform the work
    • Calibration date and calibration due date
    • For instruments received in an out-of-tolerance condition, Primo will provide a separate out-of-tolerance notification. The out-of-tolerance report indicates the instrument, the failed function, and related data depicting the as-found and as-left conditions. Out-of-tolerance information is maintained in the Primo database.
  • Each device will include a data record. This data includes:
    • Identification of the device
    • Calibration date and due date
    • Reference values are used for each test point
    • Specified tolerances for each test point
    • As-found (and as-left) values for each test point
  • Customers can access calibration certificates online through his account (Password protected) at no additional charge. Calibration data is available on all calibration certificates. Customers can view instrument lists, print certificates with data, view recall details, and check the status of work in progress.
  • All items subject to biohazard contamination shipped to an Primo laboratory must be decontaminated prior to shipment. Primo technicians reserve the right to refuse to perform calibration work on items they believe might be potentially contaminated unless proof of decontamination is sent with the item.


Prices displayed for calibration (throughout the Primo website) can change without notice. Primo reserves the right to, adjust or change any pricing quoted in error, for whichever the case might be. Also, equipment may be removed from current calibration capabilities list in a customer account with written notice to the Customer prior to the date of calibration under the agreement.

Equipment Evaluation Pricing - If a unit is sent in for calibration only but is found to need repair, the customer will be notified since Primo does have an in-house repair department, options may include:

  • Returning the unit unrepaired and non-calibrated to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  • Transferring the unit to a third party company capable of performing the repairs required. Primo is not responsible for the costs or manpower associated with the repair. The third party company will invoice the customer separately from the calibration for the repairs performed on the unit.

Price and Terms:
Prices are subject to change without notice, and prices prevailing when your order is received will apply (see paragraph 2 - Pricing). Quotations are offered online through the Primo website. MasterCard or Visa are accepted. 

For more information or to obtain a calibration service quotation:
Phone: 514-329-3242
Email: service@primoinc.com

rev. 1/1/12