Repairs Department

The ideal complement to a good calibration laboratory is without a doubt a complete repair facility. No one wants an unexpected repair to completely offset a scheduled calibration or maintenance. We’ve got you covered!

Units that require repair in order to be successfully calibrated are sent to the repairs and overhaul department for processing. Based on an efficient cell concept, this key facility is staffed by technicians with extensive trouble-shooting experience; some with over 25 years in the business! Let our service representatives provide you with a detailed estimate prior to proceeding with any repair on your equipment.

We stock a large inventory of common parts and we are able to quickly obtain specialty components from almost any supplier around the world. We can also retrofit or modify present parts if originals are no longer available to have those older instruments back online. Sometimes a new replacement is not an option.

What brands do we service or repair: ANY!
What types or categories of instruments: ANY!
We are an Exclusive service center for many major brands.

Exclusive service center

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